Photo session

How it works

Treat yourself with an unforgettable experience and let yourself be pampered by our whole team. We will make sure, you won’t just have beautiful photographs, but a warm memory of the great day. Our boudoir sessions are designed as a relaxing morning of fun. You spent with us up to 3 hours full of joy and laughter.

The session includes:

  • Planning your dream shoot with wardrobe (lingerie) consultation
  • Photographing 3 different looks in 3 outfits
  • Professional hair and make-up
  • Expert coaching in posing at the beginning and in between the photoshoot
  • Detail professional retouching of your images
  • In person gallery reveal and ordering appointment

Photosession with Ulla Wolk

The session is designed to give you the luxury experience and feeling of pampering, of being supported and comfortable from start to finish, so every detail is taken care of. It will boost your self-confidence and change the opinion you have of yourself in the light of sensuality and beauty.

    Wardrobe consultation

The consultation is the first thing we do. You can have a telephone (Skype or in person) call to determine what to wear and how to present your-self to the camera. I’ll help you choose the outfits and we’ll plan your shoot together.


    Session day

We will decide on your outfits and match the shoes and the jewelry together. Then my hair and make-up artist will put her undivided attention on you and make your look camera-ready gorgeous.

Before the photoshoot we will have a small consultation on posing and poses and you’ll be ready!

I will pick up the camera and make you look sensual and feminine, beautiful and sexy. I will photograph you in three outfits and I will guide you every moment. You don’t need any experience.


After the end of the session, we will pick the best photographs and I will retouch them in Photoshop. As I am also a professional retoucher the photos will be retouched as a high-end portrait images. All the unnecessary small issues will be softened or removed.

Please do let me know if I should remove your birthmarks or things that are unique to you.


    Ordering appointment and pick-up

In about two weeks time we will make arrangements for you to see your portrait gallery and choose the images you want to have printed.

I will take care of printing the images, preparing the folio box and sending you the message when the final product will be ready for you to pick it up in my studio. Preparation of you order will take 3 to 4 weeks.


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